With a registration, part of the functionalities of MyRoute-app can already be used for free. In addition, MyRoute-app offers several products that can be subscribed to. 

It is important to keep in mind that MyRoute-app offers an online route planner on the one hand and has developed its own navigation app on the other hand. These two functionalities work well together but are two different products. A third and new product is MRA Video.

For more information about our subscriptions see Products of MyRoute-app

Under 'My account' you can see under 'status' what your current subscription is: MRA Routeplanner Basic or MRA Routeplanner Gold. At the very bottom of the page, you can also see if you have subscribed to MRA Navigation and MRA Video. You can upgrade a subscription from the shop or directly from your 'My Account' page. 

1. First, make sure you are logged in with your MyRoute app account (see also How do I log in?).

2. Two ways to get to the 'Shop':

A. Click on your profile picture and then on 'My account'. You will now see a page as shown below.

Here you can see the current status of your subscription and until when it is valid. For more information about the different subscriptions of MyRoute-app, please read Which subscriptions does MyRoute-app have?

In your account you can click several buttons:

  • Redeem coupon code: Here you can redeem a code you have received for a product from MyRoute-app. 
  • Extend: Renew your current subscription here. 
  • Upgrade: Allows you to upgrade your current subscription. For example, from MRA Routeplanner Basic to MRA Routeplanner Gold or from MRA Routeplanner Gold to MRA Routeplanner Gold Lifetime!

You will also find information about your possible subscription to MRA Navigation and MRA Video. 

  • Upgrade: You can also click here to reactivate your subscription. 

Once you have clicked on one of the 'renew' or 'upgrade' buttons, a new page will open, the 'Shop'. Read more at point three.

B. Click on the 'Shop' button in the top menu bar. 

3. Then the screen below will open where you have to make the choices for the subscription and the payment method. 

3.0. Choose who you purchase the subscription for.

If you do not have a subscription yet, you will see that all subscriptions are available. If you already have a subscription to one of the products, it is no longer available in the shop. This keeps it very clear and ensures that you do not buy duplicate or overlapping subscriptions.

3.1. What do you want to buy? Here you can see the different subscriptions that MyRoute-app offers. Here you can always click on 'more info' to read more about the subscription. You can also click here on 'redeem code' in case you have a discount code. 

3.2. What price do you want? Per subscription different payment terms are offered with the corresponding price. Here you can choose which price fits your wishes. 

3.3. How do you want to pay? Here you choose the payment method. 

Finally, click on the large 'pay' button and you will be redirected to the payment screen. Here you can complete the payment. You can also cancel here at any time. 

After payment, the features of the newly bought subscriptions will be ready to use right away!