In advance:

  • You can access 'Routes' by clicking on your 'Profile' and then on 'Routes';
  • This is where all your routes are automatically saved, those you created yourself as well as those you uploaded and those you 'took over' using MyRoute-app mobile;
  • While writing this, we are creating a 'Route archive', to let you neatly put all your routes into folders and subfolders.

1. Through this list, you can rename your routes

  • Click on the pen icon;
  • Enter a different name;
  • You can change the privacy settings of the route here (Public/Friends/Private);
  • Click on 'Edit'.

2. It's also possible to copy a route:

  • Click on the 'copy icon';
  • If you want to, you can change the name of the route, for example to 'route name copy 1';
  • Click on 'Accept' to copy the route;
  • Very convenient if you want to edit an existing route - the original route will remain and the copy will be used for your changes.

3. Of course you can remove routes and sort routes alphabetically:

  • To remove a route, click on the 'cross' icon to the right of the list;
  • To sort alphabetically, click on 'Name';
  • We're right now creating a route archive so that you can neatly organize your routes into folders and subfolders.