In this manual, we'll explain to you how you can easily use the menu item "Start" in order to manage your routes and tracks in the app. One part of this is creating a new track and recording moments in your tracks.

  1. In the Start menu, you can switch between your routes and your track history
    1. a. In the route history, you'll see the routes you tracked in chronological order.


  2. If you click on a track in your route history, you will see a track in the map.

  3. If you click on a route in Routes, you'll see the route in the map. From this screen, you can also decide to track that route.

  4. From the start menu, you can also start a new track. Click on the button with the plus icon. You will now see your starting position in the map. 


  5. For starting a track, you can click on “Start new track”.
  6. In “New track”, you can choose a name for your track and the type of track that you want to create.

  7. In order to start the track, click on “Start”. Now you will see a countdown that allows you to put away your phone and start moving.


  8. While tracking, you can also pause by clicking on the pause button on the bottom left side. If you click on this button, you will be asked if you want to pause the track. Click on OK.

  9. After your pause, click on the big moment button in the middle in order to record a moment.

  10. After you've taken a picture, you'll have the choice to delete your picture or to save it. Choose saving.

  11. Now, you'll have a chance to enter a name and a description. You can also skip this by clicking on save immediately!

  12. If you want to continue tracking after pausing, click on “Start” again. Now you will again see a countdown that gives you the necessary time in order to put your phone away and start moving.

  13. Done with the track? Then click on the finish button with the flag icon.

  14. You'll be asked if you're done tracking. Click on OK in order to continue and upload your track.

  15. The last question is whether you would recommend the track to others, you can do this for tracks that are also interesting to track.

  16. After completing, you'll see the track viewer. You can view the track here, look at statistics and return to the start screen.

  17. Click on the statistics button with the graphic icon in order to see the statistics for a track.

  18. In the statistics screen, you'll see the data of a track. Click on the ''back'' button in the toolbar in order to return.

  19. In order to return to the main screen, click on the ''back'' button again.
  20. Now you'll be in the main menu again. This concludes the manual "Creating tracks and managing them from Start"