This manual describes which settings can be modified using the settings menu.

  1. Open the settings screen by clicking on the settings button on the left side of the queue button. The settings screen will now be loaded.


  2. Using “Distance unit”, you can select whether distances should be indicated in kilometers or miles.


  3. Using “Start interval”, you can modify the time interval of the timer that starts the moment you start a track. This timer is useful as it lets you put away your app and allows you to start following your route. 

  4. Using “Share completed tracks”, you can modify your standard privacy settings. You can select whether your completed tracks should be shared with everybody, only with your friends, or with nobody. 

  5. By clicking on “Log out”, you can log out and return to the login screen. This is convenient when somebody else wants to log in to their MyRoute-app account on your device. 

  6. “Version” will show you the version number of the app. 

  7. When you're ready modifying the settings, click on the ''back'' button in order to return to the main menu. 

  8. This concludes the manual for modifying the settings.