1. In advance

The HERE Toolkit is accessible within the HERE map type. This map type is primaraly used by Garmin and is known for it's reliability. Otherwise HERE (and the toolkit) is known for it's capability to add seasonal closures within your route. To access the HERE Toolkit you must first convert your map type to HERE. This is done by:

1.1 Clicking on your current map type

1.2 Clicking on 'HERE' 

2. The Toolkit

By clicking on 'Toolkit' (to the left of map type) the following window will appear:

By clicking of any of these features your route will be adjusted. When reopening the Toolkit there will be a check behind the feature you've previously selected. If you would like to undo the changes made to your route, you can click on any of the features again. This will in turn set your route back to the original state without the previously selected functionality and remove the check behind said function. 

Here is a summary of all the functionalities that the HERE Toolkit has to offer:

2.1 Weather

Clicking on 'Weather' displays the actual weather forecast related to your route. 

2.2 Offroad

Enabling this feature causes your route to be drawn as a straight line from point A to point B. In other words the route calculation will not follow direct roads.

2.3 Avoid seasonal closures

This functionality is unique for the HERE Toolkit. Enabeling this feature will allow your route to traverse mountain passes on your route. Google Maps and TomTom generally send you in the wrong direction when it comes to mountain passes. As long as this feature is enabled within HERE, your route will be able to traverse these road sections. 


2.4 Reverse

Enables you to flip your route around, making your starting point your end point and vise versa. This functionality may come in handy when you also want to plan a returning route trip.

3 Extra functionalities within the Toolkit

Extra functionalities are options that are available throughout all our Toolkits (Google Maps, TomTom and HERE)

3.5 Fit screen

Clicking on 'Fit screen' will zoom out your screen to the ideal format for viewing your entire route. 

3.6 Ask for waypoint name

By enabling this functionality you'll receive a pop-up screen every time you place a new way point with the question on how you would like to name said way point. Disabling this will make it so that anytime you click on a new point on your map, a new way point will be added automatically.

3.7 Compare route calculation with (Gold)

For a detailed explanation on this feature you can view our manual: Compare route calculation with inside our 'tips and tricks' folder.