In advance:

Events enable MyRoute-app users to create their own route-events and to invite other users to these events. This feature is particularly useful for users who like to group up and explore beautiful biking routes together. 

1. Creating a new event

The events section is located on the left of your screen. A list of events you're currently participating in (and the option to create your own events), will appear once you click on the events section. Click on 'Create event' to form your own MyRoute-app event.

The following window will appear:

This screen allows you to choose a name for your event, and it allows to you set the privacy settings of your event (public/private)

2. Messages

Event participants can post messages in the 'Messages' section, which are then visible to event participants.

3. Timeline 

The timeline will display tracks made with the MyRoute mobile app from event participants

4. Routes

This section allows event participants to upload their own routes into a 'group' folder. For more information regarding the rule-set for uploading routes, be sure to read the 'Rulebook' section.

5. Information and participants

Here you can find all current active event participants. If you would like to invite a new participant, click the  "invite" button down below. Event information is also listed here.

6. Rulebook

This section gives you an overview on the rights and restrictions for participants and moderators. We highly advice MyRoute-app users to read the Rulebook for clarification on how to proprally use events.

7. Share

The share button allows our users to share their event through: Facebook, Twitter, mail or a URL-link.  

8. Edit event

As a moderator, you have special editing rights compared to other participants. By clicking 'Edit event' you can alter the: event image, the event bio and set your event to either private or public.

8.1 Setting a Start and End date for your event:

An event is a timed subject. In order to create an event you will also have to pick a start date and an end date. After clicking 'Edit event' the following scheduling window will appear to help you pick out a start and end date:

Edit events also allows you to pick a location for your event.

9. Leave

Clicking leave will exclude you from the event. As an event moderator however you first have to transfer your leadership to another participant before leaving.