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MyRoute-app enables it's users to easily share their favorite routes and tracks in multiple ways.

Example 1: Sharing Routes and Tracks through your profile page

You can share both routes and tracks through your profile page

1. Go to your profile

2. Select either Tracks or Routes

3. On the right side of your list, you will see 3 icons. Click the 'share' icon.

*Example of the share button*

Example 2: Sharing your route directly when creating/editing it

While viewing a route, you can easily share it with your friends by doing the following:

1. Open your route

2. Select the 'Share' button on the top right of your screen

You can then select either Twitter, Facebook or Email to share your route. We also support an URL function, which creates a direct URL link that you can share with anyone, as long as you've set your route to public.

We also support an 'Embedding' function, which allows users to create a line of code which they can then add to another website. Selecting the embedding function will make the following window appear:

1. The upper section of this pop-up window allows you to set a favourable size of your embedding

2. Click on 'Get code' to generate your embedding code

Final result: