'My account' is an overview of your personal data. Here you can arrange practical matters regarding your account. You can access 'My account' by clicking on your profile picture at the top right of the screen and then on 'My account'.

Your data

On the 'My account' page you can change your details if necessary. This can be done by filling in or a drop-down menu. The page is divided as follows: 

  1. Display name: Here you can change your display name. This will be displayed as your username on the MyRoute-app.
  2. E-mail address: Here you can change your e-mail address. This address is linked to your MyRoute-app account, so you will receive notifications related to MyRoute-app on the given email address.
  3. Password: Here you can change your password. This password is required to login to MyRoute-app. Changing your password will require your old password once.
  4. Forum username: This option appears if you activated your account on the Forum of MyRoute-app
  5. Notifications: Through the checkboxes, you indicate from which you would like to receive notifications. 
  6. Location: Here you can change your location. This is the default location of your account on MyRoute-app.
  7. Language: Here you can choose from the following languages (by clicking on the dropdown menu): Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This is the language in which the MyRoute-app pages will be shown to you.
  8. Unit: Here you can choose for Imperial (mi) or Metric (km). This setting changes the display of all units used in the MyRoute-app web application.
  9. Privacy settings by default: this affects the default setting when you create a new item (such as a route). 
  10. Status: Displays the status of your account. Here you can redeem discount codes, upgrade your account, and renew your account. 
  11. Hide: By activating this checkbox you can ensure that your profile is hidden from other users. 
  12. Save changes: Don't forget to save the changes made before leaving the screen.
  13. Navigation: Here you see the status of your MRA Navigation subscription. 

Finally, this page allows you to delete your account completely. If you scroll all the way down you will see a button to do so. This button deletes all data from the MyRoute-app, including routes, tracks, tracklogs and saved activities. This data cannot be restored. If you want to terminate a subscription, do so at status.