MyRoute-app is a route planner with a social aspect. With many developments, it hasn't just remained a route planner but MyRoute-app has developed several aspects to make planning, driving and sharing routes as fun as possible!

In this short overview, you can read more about our subscriptions and the renewed terminology used on our website.

What aspects does MyRoute-app have?

In short, MyRoute-app offers three functionalities in addition to an extensive social platform:

  • An online route planner;
  • A navigation app;
  • The possibility to make videos from routes and tracklogs. 

These are also the three aspects for which we have developed three different subscriptions. For the rest, the full social aspect of MyRoute-app is free to use, in no time you can create an account that anyone can use to create fun routes! 

What is the difference between the different subscriptions?

All subscriptions are also described in detail on our products page! Until now, we used different names for our subscriptions. The new names will hopefully bring more clarity to what the subscriptions relate to. The content of all subscriptions has remained the same! 

A short list of the old and new names!

  • MyRoute-app Basic > MRA Routeplanner Basic
  • MyRoute-app Gold > MRA Routeplanner Gold
  • MyRoute-app Navigation > MRA Navigation
  • MyRoute-app All-in-one > MRA All-in-one

MRA Routeplanner: Basic & Gold

Our online route planner is free to use for anyone with a MyRoute-app account. As we call it, you then have an MRA Routeplanner Basic account. 

With MRA Routeplanner Gold you have more extensive access to various applications when making routes. We also show the difference between Basic and Gold in this video.

Only for this subscription, we offer a Lifetime option. It is, therefore, possible to purchase MRA Routeplanner Gold Lifetime. This gives you lifelong access to all current and new aspects of the applications within the route planner of MyRoute-app!

MRA Navigation

To use the navigation app of MyRoute-app a subscription is required, namely MRA Navigation. 

MRA Video

With MRA Video you can make nice videos of your created routes or driven tracks. For this, you need the MRA Video subscription. 

It is not necessary to have one of the other subscriptions to make a nice video. Creating tracklogs, for example, is always possible, even with an MRA Routeplanner Basic account. This is because you can also create tracklogs from the MyRoute mobile app! You can find more about this in our other manuals. 

MRA All-in-one

This subscription is exactly what it says: all-in-one. This total package gives you access to MRA Routeplanner Gold, MRA Navigation and MRA Video. 

What does this mean?

There are a number of terms, in addition to the names of subscriptions explained above, which we would like to clarify:

  • MyRoute-app Web: This refers to the online environment in which users can access the Routelab, their profile, the RouteXpert Library and all other social aspects of MyRoute-app. This is called MyRoute-app Web because it is very practical on a website. 
  • MyRoute-app Mobile: This is our application for on the phone. It can be used with both MRA Routeplanner Basic and MRA Routeplanner Gold. In this app you can, for example, create tracklogs. You can also use the app to create routes and view the library, among other things. It is not possible to start active navigation with this app.

Further questions

  • Can MRA All-in-one also be purchased as a Lifetime subscription? No, this is not possible. Only MRA Routeplanner Gold can be offered as a Lifetime subscription.
  • Why can't I purchase MRA All-in-one with an MRA Routeplanner Gold Lifetime? The MRA All-in-one account includes the paid MRA Routeplanner subscription. With the current MRA Routeplanner Gold Lifetime subscription, you already have access to this. You would then pay twice for a functionality and we like to avoid that!
  • Why do I not have access to MRA Navigation with my MRA Routeplanner Gold Lifetime? With the MRA Routeplanner Gold subscription, you have access to all features of the online route planner from MyRoute-app. Our navigation app is another functionality that requires a separate subscription.
  • Why are all subscriptions separate and not just everything together? Many different people have many different wishes. That's why we like to make sure that everyone can choose as specific as possible what they want to purchase. For those who want everything, we naturally have the MRA All-in-one package!