At MyRoute-app we offer two core products: Routeplanner and Navigation. Read in this short overview what is possible with the different subscriptions.

For an extensive list of all possibilities per subscription, we refer to the feature list.

Table of Contents

MRA Routeplanner

Three options are possible with the Routeplanner subscription:

  1. Basic
  2. Silver
  3. Gold


If you create an account with MRA, you are automatically a Basic user. This is the free version of the Routeplanner. This allows you to create and save limited routes to your account without access to additional options. This is and will remain free.


Would you like no limit on the number of saved routes and still be able to use some nice extras such as Routes in the Neighborhood, Segments, and Animate? Then the Routeplanner Silver subscription is something for you!


The Routeplanner Gold subscription is the most extensive of the Routeplanner subscriptions. This gives you access to all Silver features and much more, such as using the TomTom and HERE map and all Toolkit options in the RouteEditor. With all the extra options it is possible to make your route completely according to your wishes.

MRA Navigation Next

You can also navigate with the MyRoute-app. This allows you to easily navigate your routes and tracks on your own phone/tablet. To use this, the Navigation Next subscription is a requirement.


Type of subscriptions

We have three types of subscriptions for both the Routeplanner (Silver/Gold) and Navigation Next subscriptions:

  1. Monthly: Pay a monthly fee to access the product. This subscription can be canceled monthly.
  2. Yearly: Pay an annual fee to access the product. This subscription can be canceled annually. However, after the first year, the subscription can be canceled per month.
  3. Lifetime: Pay once to get unlimited access to the purchased product.

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