With MyRoute-app a lot is possible without a paid subscription, but a subscription is required to gain access to certain functionalities. Before you buy a subscription, check exactly what you are buying. At MRA we have several subscriptions that provide access to other functionalities. Therefore, if in doubt, first read Which subscriptions does MyRoute-app have? This way you always know that you choose the right subscription!

Table of Contents

Open the shop

The shop can be opened both logged in and logged out.

The webshop

Once you have opened the shop, you will see the screen below. Here you can see at a glance which subscriptions we offer and which subscriptions you may already have.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Here you can see that this user is Routeplanner Basic and has the monthly Navigation Next subscription.

  1. Click here to get a quick overview of the different functionalities per subscription.
  2. Click this button again to remove this extra information.
  3. Click here to see an overview table with all functionalities per subscription.
  4. Click here to open a new web page with more information about our products.

Buy a subscription

Make a choice

Are you sure of your choice? Then select it in the shop!

  1. If you do not have a subscription yet, all subscriptions are still empty by default. This can be seen by the white color of the buttons.
  2. If you hover your mouse over the subscription, it will light up yellow. ATTENTION! You have not selected it yet.
  3. Click on the desired subscription type to check it. This button has now turned yellow. You can select two subscriptions at the same time. Example: the annual Gold subscription and monthly Navigation subscription.

After selecting a subscription, you will immediately see the price appear. Have you selected two subscriptions? Then look at the bottom of the page for the total price.

Of course, it is important to check your choice carefully before proceeding. So always check the total amount and which buttons are yellow. If everything is in order, you can click on 'Checkout now'.

ATTENTION! If you select a Lifetime subscription, a new web page will immediately open.


  1. If a discount is applied, you will immediately see it appear with the adjusted price.
  2. If you have a discount code and need to apply it manually, click 'Enter discount code' to enter it.
  3. Don't forget to click 'Redeem' to add the code.


Once you click on 'Checkout Now' you will see a new screen. If you are not yet logged in or do not have an account with MRA, you can log in or register here. ATTENTION! If you are already logged in, this screen will be skipped.

  1. Overview: Here you will find an overview of your selected products with the selected period.
  2. Login: Log in here with your existing MRA details.
  3. Register: New user? Create an account with MRA right away!
  4. Next step: Everything is checked and read, then click here to go to the payment screen.
  5. Small print: Read this carefully so that you know what you are giving permission for and what your rights are.

Enter payment details

  1. Overview: Another overview of your selected products with the chosen period.
  2. Name: Enter the name of the account holder here
  3. Payment method: Choose how you want to pay here. ATTENTION! Apple Pay is shown if your device supports it.
  4. Confirm: If everything is correct, click confirm to complete the payment with the chosen method.
  5. Small print: Here you can read again what you consent to with the payment and what your rights are.

ATTENTION! When you purchase a monthly or annual subscription from MRA for the first time, you first pay a small amount (ranging from 0.01 to 2.00). This amount serves as authorization to debit your subscription periodically. The full amount will be debited within a few days.

Change a subscription

Sometimes it turns out that you are using a subscription less and you want to cancel it. It may also happen that you would prefer to convert a monthly subscription to an annual one. Read here how you can easily adjust this yourself.

Go to the shop via 'My account' or via Routelab.

The image shows that this user has the monthly Navigation Next subscription. This was purchased on January 2, 2024. This subscription can therefore be stopped again as of February 2, 2024.

It is also possible to convert the monthly subscription here into an annual subscription or a Lifetime subscription.

ATTENTION! You can convert a monthly subscription to an annual subscription at any time. This does not apply the other way around. You can only convert an annual subscription to a monthly after the year is over.

We always recommend canceling the subscription on time. This prevents the system from having not yet processed the cancellation and the subscription from being extended.

If you are unable to resolve the issue or are unsure whether the cancellation/change was successful, please contact support. They will be happy to check for you whether everything was successful!