In advance:

On the page 'Track library', you can see an overview of all public tracks, these have been created by users all over the world.

Only tracks that have been recorded and completed with MyRoute-app mobile will be visible here.

From February 2016 on, only public completed tracks that have been 'recommended' will be shown.

If you record and complete a track using MyRoute-app mobile, you will see a window where you can choose whether or not you want to recommend this track for other users.

This way, you only recommend really interesting tracks to other users, and we keep the track library clean and interesting!

1. You can filter the tracks that are shown by clicking on 'All routes' on the top left.

  • All routes;
  • Driving routes;
  • Cycling routes;
  • Hiking routes.

2. On the top right, you can also search in the proximity of a place.

3. If you have chosen 'All routes', you will see a few different blue icons in the map, the more you zoom, the more completed tracks will be shown.

  1. This pictogram means that it's a cycling route.

  2.   This pictogram means that it's a motorbiking route.

  3.   This pictogram means that it's a hiking route.

4. If you click on an icon, the image below will be shown.

  • You'll see the course of a track;
  • You'll see the distance of a track;
  • You'll see the duration of a track;
  • You'll see the number of moments (moments are pictures with a descriptive text that have been recorded with MyRoute-app mobile).

5. If you click on the image, the track will be shown in the 'Track viewer'.

  • See the statistics;
  • See the moments;
  • Click on a picture to see that picture magnified;
  • You can share the track on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail if the track is set as public by the owner;
  • You can 'use the track as route', the platform will automatically place route points on the track line;
  • See 'Manual menu item Activities'.

6. If you find the track interesting, and you want to 'use' it, click on 'Use as route' on the top right.

  • You'll see the window below, adapt the name if you want to and click on the blue button 'Use';
  • The platform will open the track in the route editor, automatically place route points on the track line, and the route with its route points will be automatically saved in your route archive (Profile > Routes);
  • You have the possibility to adapt the route according to your wishes, one tip: completely zoom in on all the route points to make sure they're correctly placed on the road;
  • From the route editor, you can also save the track on your hard drive or export it onto your GPS;
  • See 'Manual menu item Create a new route'.