In advance:

You can upload routes in almost any file format in MyRoute-app.

First, go to 'Route lab' and then to 'Upload' and then to 'Route file'.

1. If you click on 'Upload > Route file':

  • You can choose a name or leave the field empty, then the file name will be automatically used;
  • You can choose whether a route should be available for everyone, only for friends or only for yourself;
  • The number of route points will be automatically limited to 200, otherwise the platform will become too slow;
  • Supported file formats are: GPX, ITN, TRF, TPF, KML, KMZ, OV2 or TAR.GZ..

2. If you click on search file, your explorer will be opened and you can search for a route file.

  • Next, you double click on the file, or you choose 'Open';
  • You'll see the file name in the new window.

3. After clicking on the button 'Import', the route will be opened in the route editor and the route will be automatically saved in your route archive (Profile > Route).

  • P.S: For more information about the route editor, see 'Manual menu item Create a new route'