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gpx export in APP


I use the App Locus for Navigaton on my Android Phone and Tablet. Is it possible to insert an export button for GPX Datas into the Window " Start" after loading a Route.

After opening a Route we can see Buttons for "Go Back" "Navigate", Look for a Bed" and "Favorites". I wish a new Button "Export" to GPX.

So i can use the routes for example in a another App like Locus or Orux, with the offlinecards there are installed on my Phone or Tablet. Or I can send the GPX File by Mail to my Friend by Bluetooth ore Mail.

In the Moment is only a automatic export in Sygic possible with the Button "Navigate". If i want use this function i must install a second app and the maps for this app. So i have installes som GB Datas with maps for two nagigation apps.



So far as we know only Sygic and Navigon support the import off multiple waypoints.

My story was to long so i put it in a file enclosed.



For android Sygic you have to add 2 waypoints at the end, that's a bug in the android version off Sygic.

I understand your intention.

We will have no short-term solution for this.

From April 2016 we will work on our own in-app navigation.

Until then, we only work together with navigation apps that we can access via our app.

Currently only Sygic and Navigon.

 Hello Michel,

thanks for fast answer.

As a customer from german Telekom I have installed "Navigon select" also. But the myrouteapp offers me only the Scygic for Navigate or start the Playstor with the Scygic App site .

How can I change this option to navigon?

"Navigon select" have the map from DE/AT/CH/LI, for me in germany enough! ;-)

I think you have an android phone.

So far as we know only Navigon on the iPhone support the import of multiple waypoints.

Hello Michel,
yes I use an Samsung S5 mini.

Today i Try to start the web applikation. I want to save a route as gpx file on my phone.
So i found a new problem, the webapp needs 800px minmum width of Display.

So i can´t use the webapp export with my phone.

Im looking for a way to use the app on my Phone when im been on a Trip!


The current technology is not sufficient for running our website on your smartphone. 

Maybe later.

The web application runs well on tablets.

Ein Export als gespeicherte GPX würde auch schon genügen. Dann könnte man diese GPX-Datei z.B. über eine App (z.B. Locus) importieren oder via USB OTG oder Bluetooth direkt auf ein Navigationsgerät übertragen.


Export als GPX ist möglich mit "Speichern unter".

This isn't what i meant. I know that within MyRoute-app WEB it is possible to use "save as" to download my routes. But i can't use that on my smartphone when being in tour, because MyRoute-app won't work in my smartphone ("display not wide enough"-message).

But i can see all my routes within the Android app. So THERE it should be an option to save/download a route an save it on my smartphone. After that i'm then able to transfer it directly on my navigation device using USB OTG or bluetooth (there're some special apps for that). This way it would be possible to have full access to all my routes using my smartphone. This would be great because i have no notebook or tablet with me on my bike.

 "Speichern unter" is only in the Webapp usable.The web app can´t use on a mobile device, because the app need 800 pix screen wide!

On the android device you can only start the navigation with "Sygic".

My whish was the same like Marios, please integrate an export to GPX funktion in the Android App.

So "myrouteapp" was more usable!


Okay, I understand.

We have a lot off work to do.

In 2017 we want to launch a mobile version off the webapplication.

That's realy a very big project.

With a mobile version you can export a gpx file.

The MyRoute-app website now also works on smartphones, so it is quite easy to download routes and tracks to you phone. I use this function in my Garmin Zumo 220 and it works like charme.


Hello Michel,

I testet the new webapplication! Its great, now i can save the gpx track on my phone and can load it into my favore app!

Thank you for your work!