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What hardware for the app?

I am quite confident MyRoteApp is/will be the best navigator software but I really wonder if a tablet exists for it. The mandatory features are:

-Waterproof and rugged.

-Visible in sunshine.

-With a touch-screen able to detect gloved fingers

-7-8" screen, no more.

A professional mount with power input is also a must!

As far as I know, such a device doesn't exist, so, how am I supposed to abandon my hated TomTom?

I am using a Blackview BV8000 5" rugged waterproof phone, daylight readability is good and quite big enough for navigating. A stubby stylus on a cord allows for use with gloves.

 For planning, I use a 10" tablet which can be in a waterproof case if needed.

You could try the 'Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact' 8" waterproof, I don't know any rugged mount for it though.

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