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We've noticed that for some people there is still some confusion about the similarities and differences between Tyre and MyRoute-app. In this article, we'll try to get rid of the confusion and we'll briefly and concisely describe the following items:


· Tyre

· MyRoute-app

· MyRoute-app Navigation




The beginning

It all started in 2006 when Jan Boersma combined his hobbies - motorbike riding and programming. He created Tyre® because there simply wasn't any software yet that allowed you to create and export itn routes to the TomTom Rider. Tyre® grew so quickly that it wasn't possible anymore to combine this hobby that got out of hand with a full time job. In 2011, a new partner was found in Michel van Hagen and in 2012 the web site www.tyretotravel.com was launched. Since 2014, there is an official collaboration with TomTom. In 2017, more than 500.000 users are using the software worldwide.


Simplicity & restrictions

Tyre® is often praised for its simplicity, but also has some restrictions. Tyre® is only usable for Windows and Tyre® depends entirely on Google Maps. Google Maps is opened on your local PC, so if Google Maps changes anything locally, Tyre® can't influence these changes. For this reason it's possible on occasions that no routes can be created in the map and that you have to wait until Google solves this problem. This is one of the main reasons for starting to think about an entirely new route platform in 2013.


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Research & choices

In 2013 we created a survey for Tyre® users. Around 1700 users reacted to this. After the analysis of the survey data, together with our own thoughts about the future, we decided to develop a cloud-based all-in-one route platform including a smartphone app next to Tyre®. From a technological point of view, this was not possible using Tyre, so our choice resulted in MyRoute-app.


Operation and beginning of MyRoute-app

For operating, MyRouteApp B.V. was founded. Michel van Hagen is the main shareholder of the company, Jan Boerma provides the company with the necessary background information and a new partner was found in Daniël Luthra (top programmer!). The first cost of development was financed by borrowing money from friends and by offering the MyRoute-app services in the ‘advance sale’. And it worked! In September 2015 we went online with MyRoute-app!


MyRoute-app is much more than just an app!

MyRoute-app is firstly a cloud-based web application that allows you to easily find, create and share routes as well as export it to your navigational system. A cloud-based web application sounds complicated, but it's actually quite simple. Just as with Facebook, you can sign in using your user name and password and then you can use all features. Since it's a web application, you can use MyRoute-app on Windows, MacOS, PC, tablets and smartphones. And this way we also avoided the problems that Tyre had with Google Maps. Besides the web application, there's also a supporting app for smartphones that allows you to track your trips (track logs) and add pictures and text (moments) to a track.


MyRoute-app consists of the following 5 parts:

1. MyRoute-app Web for PC, tablet and smartphone, also for Mac! 

This complete, cloud-based route platform is usable entirely through www.myrouteapp.com. No need to download, install or activate licenses. Just sign in using your user name and password and plan, also using your smartphone! It contains map material including TomTom, Here (Garmin), Google Maps, Via Michelin, OpenStreetMap and StreetView!

2. MyRoute-app Connector for PC, also for Mac!

After a one-time installation, you can easily export routes by USB to the most common navigational systems. For TomTom users it's even easier, export directly to your navigational system from MyRoute-app using MyDrive. It's also possible using the smartphone!

3. MyRoute-app Mobile for iOS and Android smartphones.

Tracking your routes (track logs) on the road and adding pictures and descriptions (moments). All your track logs are available in MyRoute-app Web!

4. MyRoute-app Navigation!

A premium quality navigational app for smartphones that allows you to create routes (offline!) and navigate them offline! All routes and track logs are transferred to MyRoute-app Web. (Now available in the advance sale with a discount!)

5. MyRoute-app Academy!

A membership platform where we want to share all of our knowledge about route creation, navigation, navigational systems and traveling in general with the public. (In construction!).


The BIG advantage with MyRoute-app!

There are a lot of advantages, but the biggest advantage that MyRoute-app offers is multi-mapping. In MyRoute-app, you can use the official TomTom map including TomTom route calculation, the official HERE (Garmin) map with Garmin route calculation and the professional Google Maps map including Google Maps route calculation. And even better, you can show the different route calculations from the different maps in just one map and thus align your routes for TomTom and Garmin. This is unique and not available in any other route software! It's also very nice to work with the map layers of ViaMichelin, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap and the great StreetView feature.


Differences between Basic (for free) and Gold (paying)

The free “Basic” version allows you to simply and quickly create routes using the professional Google Maps map and to export it onto the most common navigational systems. You'll have access to millions of POIs that you can simply add to your route. Besides this, you can automatically calculate a trip using MyRoute-app, search friends, create groups or events, create travel stories and download MyRoute-app Mobile for free and use it for tracking. It's a whole package, but there's still much more!


There is also a “Gold” version with more features than Basic, you can try it out for free for 30 days in order to discover them. You'll also get access to the maps of HERE (Garmin) and TomTom, as well as the powerful additional ‘toolkit’ features like ‘split route’, ‘compare route to’, ‘expand route points’, ‘reduce’ and ‘expand’. A link to a complete overview of all the differences between Gold and Basic can be found below in the article.


Now I can already hear you say; ‘why should I pay for this, when there is also free software’. Yes, that's true but also not entirely true. If you buy a Garmin, you can use Basecamp for free, but the costs of this software are included in the hardware price. There is (almost) no further development on Basecamp. Which is logical, since it's offered as an add-on to their hardware. All that work would decrease their profit margin. The same is true for TomTom's MyDrive. If that's sufficient for you, we understand that, but MyRoute-app was created for the fan who wants more than is offered with Basecamp and MyDrive.


MyRoute-app Gold costs €24,50 per year using a recurring charge, €49,- one-time for a year or €99,- for a Lifetime access. If you are a Tyre user, you'll receive the costs of purchasing Tyre Lifetime (€24,50) as a discount for MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime. Check out the link below this article. Expensive? Not quite, since the map services that we offer cost relatively a lot per user. Besides this, we have a team of 6 people that are working daily on MyRoute-app maintenance, improvements and support. We don't stop developing. MyRoute-app is a living piece of software and will always continue being developed using the newest technology.

MyRoute-app, the solution for associations and clubs

More and more clubs, associations, travel offices, magazines, bikers, old-timer drivers, rally drivers and cyclists use MyRoute-app for creating and sharing routes. And that's logical, since it's simple to align routes for TomTom and Garmin. How? It's very simple, here are the steps you should follow:

1. The ‘trip planner’ will create the route in a map of his choice;

2. Compare the route to the route calculation of the other maps;

3. Adapt the route so that the route lines of the different maps are overlapping each other;

4. Share the route link internally using an ‘Event’ or a ‘Group’ in MyRoute-app and/or externally using Facebook, Twitter and/or e-mail;

5. The ‘receiver’ of the route clicks on the route link and signs up for free to MyRoute-app in case he wasn't yet signed up;

6. After signing in, the route will be opened in the same map the trip planner used for creating it;

7. The ‘receiver’ can click on export, the connector will be opened after installing it once and then you can choose between TomTom or Garmin gpx 1.1 (or one of the other options);

8. Owners of a new TomTom device can also click on ‘Save as’ and then ‘TomTom MyDrive’;

9. The route in the navigational system of the receiver will be identical to the one of the creator;

10. We advise navigation using the route track, Garmin users can follow this procedure, owners of a new TomTom are advised to export using MyDrive as mentioned in point 8, that way you always end up with a route track.


It's no longer necessary to download routes, save them, convert them and edit them using other programs risking to result in changes to the route. Sharing the route using a link and exporting directly is always good, and if you use the feature ‘compare route to’, you'll always end up with an identical route for TomTom and Garmin. We advise for the ‘trip planner’ to use the Gold features. But basically all the ‘receiver’ needs is a free Basic subscription! This makes it extremely attractive.


Now I can already hear your comment, ‘I don't want to sign up for MyRoute-app’. Here's what we're thinking about that, and we thought this even before MyRoute-app existed; the ‘trip planner’ advises about the best possible procedure. If the ‘receiver’ does not want to follow this procedure, no problem, but then it's not the responsibility of the ‘trip planner’. And what's so annoying about signing up? Most people are already signed up to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Gmail or Hotmail. Just enter a user name and password, and a new world will open up to you!


MyRoute-app POI improvements

Just to be clear; in MyRoute-app, you can already select from millions of POIs, create your own POIs in the map, add it to a route and export to Garmin and TomTom. The only crucial piece that's missing in MyRoute-app is uploading your own POIs. Adding these to a route with a sound signal and exporting it to your navigational system. We've been waiting with this because the new Riders don't support any POIs with sound signals. We won't wait any longer. Before 2018, you'll be able to upload your own POIs, add them to a route with a sound signal and export them to your Garmin (and to your TomTom, but unfortunately for the moment without sound support).


MyRoute-app Navigation


Creating and driving fantastic routes and visiting landmarks is our life. A long time ago, we started by taping an A4 paper on our tank and using a physical map, then we started using the first navigational system that became better and more advanced with time. Now there are ever better options for navigating with your smartphone. Maybe that's also something for you?


Now I can hear you say; “I alreay have a Garmin or a TomTom, so I don't need that, right”? Yes, that's true, but when you're on the road, your TomTom or Garmin can break - you wouldn't be the first or the last to have that happening. In that case, it's a very convenient solution to be able to navigate on your smartphone! And who knows, maybe you'll like it so much that you won't buy a new navigational system, but continue to navigate only on your smartphone.


…Because that's the goal of MyRoute-app Navigation: on the long run, we want to replace separate navigational systems. That's possible because the development of smartphones and smartphone apps is happening way faster than the development of navigational systems. More and more smartphones are waterproof (iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8), there are already smartphones that are shockproof and usable with gloves (CAT S60). The new iPhone 8 that's coming out in September also seems to be waterproof and shockproof…


Internet is getting faster and faster and your internet package is available in more and more countries. And don't forget, with MyRoute-app Navigation you can navigate offline and create routes offline (!). Attaching your smartphone neatly and providing electricity is possible for a reasonable amount. We use a ram mount with X-grip and a usb port.


The conclusion is that with a good navigational app, you won't have to buy a separate navigational system now or later, you can also use the app for hiking or bike riding, and the maps are updated automatically. With MyRoute-app Navigation, you can navigate offline and create routes offline & you can be 100% assured that we will keep on developing our navigational app and our route platform!


Just to be clear; MyRoute-app Navigation is not included in the MyRoute-app Gold package. It's a standalone app with the goal to make separate navigational systems obsolete in the long run. For us, this is the only way to guarantee the quality and sustainability of MyRoute-app Navigation now and in the future!


For the price of a small tank full of gas, you can get 3 years of access to MyRoute-app Navigation, and isn't that worth a try?


In development, MyRoute-app Academy!


We're busy developing a membership platform where we can share all our knowledge concerning creating routes, navigational systems and trips with our members.


Summary, from sceptical to euphorical!


In 2017, we have been able to convince more than 80.000 users about MyRoute-app. In the beginning there were a lot of skeptics, but step by step, more and more tour lovers started using MyRoute-app. In Canada, a biking magazine called us the best route planner in the world. And also Mr. GPS, the KNMV, Motoren & Toerisme and many other clubs were originally sceptic, but are now excited users of MyRoute-app. Of course, you might have invested hundreds of hours into a different route software and won't just switch from one moment to another, but if you want to invest time into MyRoute-app, you won't regret it. The manuals and our complete video course will help you get going. More than that, we challenge anyone to drop by in our office in Zoetermeer. After 30 minutes of explanation, you will also be convinced!


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