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Auto naming of waypoints

When I add or move a waypoint, MRA automatically suggests a name. It used to be a postal address (eg 3 High Street, Anytown). Now MRA will only offer map co-ordinates (eg 51.380799, -0.773220).

I'm not aware that I have changed anything - is there any way I can get it back to auto suggesting a postal address?

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Dear Will,

Currently, MyRoute-app provides the address as name, below that the coordinates are stated. You can rename the waypoint by selecting it an clicking the 'rename' icon.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support

Thanks, perhaps my comment wasn't clear?

I understand that's how it should work and I can rename by clicking the icon.

My issue is that the bit where the address should show as the name, it's not doing that and instead just putting the coordinates. So what I get is the coordinates being auto suggested as the name (instead of the address) and then underneath the coordinates are repeated as you would normally see when a postal address or custom name is normally inputted.

Dear Will,

Your comment was clear. However, both the address and the coordinates should be shown when you select an icon. it is however not the case when you use the 'expand' function , but when you place waypoints manually, the address and the coordintaes should be visible.

If this is not the case, could you please make a screenshot of this issue.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

The issue has resolved itself without intervention. Now correctly showing a postal address with co-ords below. Very odd, but thanks for your help!