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Exporting to Garmin, turn off recalculating mode

I have been watching the 'Exporting to Garmin device' video.  After importing the route, when selecting it to navigate, you say that it is very important that recalculating mode is turned off.  Presumbaly this would mean that if I then accidentally stray off the route or get diverted for some reason that the satnav won't re-route.  Once the route is loaded can I turn recalculating mode back on again or will it navigate incorrectly?  What if I use 'prompted' rather than turning it off completely?

Dear Bikerlou,

Thank you for your question. The recalculation mode has to stay turned off.

Kind regards,



Hi Koen,

I am a little concerned by your answer that recalculation has to stay turned off.

I will be leading a tour group in a couple of months into France and Belgium and no doubt there will be road closures, how will my BMW Nav 6 (Garmin) deal with me having to take an alternative route to get me back on the planned route without possibly going round in circles etc?



Astonishing that this has never been fixed.

In case you need to leave the original planned track for any reason, with recalculation mode ON your nav will immediately recalculate your track and might not necessarily navigate back to the original path again. With recalculating mode OFF even if you leave the original track you will see that on the screen as a red line. Hence you can compare your actual position to your original track and have the chance to get back to it. This is why you should turn OFF recalculating mode.

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