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Open Map route creation - problem with needless detour

Hi - hopefully the link works below. No matter how small i make the waypoint distances there is about a 1-200metre gap on the road that the software ignores (almost as if the road is 'blocked'). It keeps looping back round the indicated path.

I know there are no legal restrictions on the road as if driven several times, as has the google street view car.

Seems to be a mapping glitch. A friend with Gold access tells me that it works fine if another software package is chosen



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Hi Roger

Had a look at your route and I couldn't see a problem. The only bit I did was at Waypoint 14 and that was because you had the Waypoint on the wrong side of a dual carraigeway and so it was routing you round one roundabout back down the dual carriageway, round another roundabout and then on the same bit of road again in a loop. As soon as I zoomed in and moved 14 to the correct side of the road, the route seemed to work fine with Google, TomTom, HERE or OpenMap routing.

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