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Waypoint issues resolved - Garmin Navs

I've had several issues with planning a route and loading to the nav following MRA's guidance in that when loaded the route doesn't show waypoints with FLAGS just the blue dots. All is great until you get a deviation/road closure, sometimes it will recalculate but most times it won't.

SO!!!! here's my solution that works for me and maybe for you too.

I'm using MRA Gold on an Apple Mac and a BMW Nav 6 which is of course the latest Garmin.

I make a route as instructed - BUT instead of exporting it by hitting the export tab which opens the use of their connector which directs you to choose your device, I DO THIS....... I hit the SAVE AS tab and click on .GPX1.0 route (second one down) and save it in my downloads folder. I then connect my nav to the usb port and simply drag and drop that file to the nav and hey presto there it is ready for you to install which it does very quickly into the Apps>Trip Planner.

I have Nav set to recalculate routes and routes on fastest to avoid unpaved roads and it mostly copies the route exactly and always comes up with the spanner icon to allow you to skip waypoints if needed.

Also when your route is active, if you tap the blue bar at the top it will drop the route drown listing all the sections from waypoint to waypoint so if you need to jump a section you can hit the go button and you're off and running.

I hope this helps anyone who has had the same tedious frustrations of following the tutorials or not getting anywhere with support tabs.

Good luck and please don't blame me if if doesn't work for you, we all know how bloody temperamental sat nav's are.

Charlie Spiceboy. BMW XR Rider.

Good solution. It works for me as well on Garmin Nuvi 56. Thanks a lot

Nice work 
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