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Waypoint List - making them more useful

The list of waypoints that appear on the left of the screen contains a lot of useful information (to me at any rate). As I have been riding the UK -Four Corners + NC500 + 38 out of 50 points in the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club's 2019 Landmark challenge, I have had some time to think how some improvements/customisation of the list might help others. I use the waypoint list in conjunction with a TomTom Rider 420. I have the top 10 or so waypoints inside a re-sealable plastic bag that is taped to my Tank bag. These waypoints are the places I'm going to visit plus fuel and food breaks. It does not include every little turn. There is not enough room for that. By naming the waypoint (Already there) you can see a fuel stop coming up. For example, yesterday, I visited Dunnet Head, John O'Groats and Tesco's in Wick for Fuel. The waypoints were named as follows NORTHERLY - Dunnet Heat WISIT John O'Groats FUEL - Tesco's Wick HOTEL - Helmsdale The distances and times make keeping track of where you are on the day easy. However once you start adding left and right turns etc the list becomes unusable so some form of ranking of Waypoints and extraction/printing of those waypoints would be useful. At the moment, I do a screen capture and print that. This leads me onto the next possible improvement. SatNavs such as TomTom and Here maps (in my car) have distance to go counters and times yet the waypoint distances and times are ascending which is the wrong way to go if you want to look at your SatNav and the list and see how long and how far there is to go. I know the waypoint distances and times are approximate but as an indication they aren't that bad. Being able to control their time/distance direction would be useful to me. Exporting the filtered waypoint list in large fonts (for easy reading while riding) is my last point. Finally... Tomorrow I'm visitng 6 points in the Landmark challenge + Fuel + Food + Endpoint Hotel and they don't fit in the fixed size window on the screen. Being able to alter the size of the window would be a great boon in my eyes. Thanks Stephen Davies
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