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MyRoute-app Web - Route calculation error

Hi everybody, 

I'm experiencing problems with route calculation, expecially with routes crossing passes in Switzerland Alps. 

For instance, I  was trying to create a route crossing Albula Pass (Graubunden, CH) and MyRoute displayed the error : "MyRoute-app 400: Cannot find point 20: 46.582521342599,9.8377847671509"

This is the link to route:

I cut the route to just a couple of waypoints, to be sure that the problem was not raised by another waypoint, but the error was still there: MyRoute-app 400: Cannot find point 1: 46.582521342599,9.8377847671509

This is the link to the shortened route:

A similar error was raised by this route:

This time the problem seems to be around the Sankt Gotthard Pass.

Finally, there is also something strange with route calculation near Oberalp Pass:

Route is not "closing" the gap between waypoint 13 and 14, it makes a long and unnecessary detour. 

I went through this pass on 01.Jun.2019, I can assure there is no need to detour... ;) 

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


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