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Is MRA still supported?

Hi guys

Firstly can I say that generally I like MRA and it's a good product.

As with any small software publisher I know there will always be bugs and issues that need constant attention, however I can't help but notice that these forums are pretty much ignored by you guys. There doesn't seem to be a reply from an MRA person for months.

People are getting frustrated by lack of engagement and some simple issues that are still unresolved.

Please can you be upfront and clear about things?

When you first launched MRA you really played on the constant development and support aspect. Even in these forums, MRA staff post about creating a community and asking questions that will be responded to. This just isn't happening.

You have totally over played what is actually being delivered.

We know you are a small team but you need to manage your customers expectations. If you are maxed out just providing support by the ticket system, fine, but tell us that the forums won't be responded to. If you only have capacity to develop further on the web application, so the separate nav app will remain buggy for a while, again, please say so.

There is too much confusion, not enough two way communications and people feel let down.

In my opinion you have over extended too quickly without the necessary capacity. 

You have got the basis of a fantastic, game changing, routing application, particularly the community sharing functions but you are doing your reputation no good at all. Please, please, please address this issue in some way before you lose more good faith from the community.

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