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Following a route (Navigation)

I created a route on the website and not sure if this feature is in the works to be done, but it would be cool when out and about to select a route on the iPhone and have that either navigate me (inside the MyRoute-App) or open Apple or google maps, or as I have TomTom installed on the phone to navigate with that.

I do not mean using the connector to install a route on a navigation device, as I do not own any devices apart from TomTom on my iPhone, and the connector will not connect to that on OS X.

This is a question I am being asked a lot by my friends.

As a work around I did use the already designed route and track around that, however a few things had to be done and was noticed, 

1, the phone lock screen to be disabled

2, the map did not rotate so it was hard to know which way to turn as it was upside down.

3, It created a new track of the route that was designed

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The connection with Sygic (iOS/android) and Navigon (iOS is ready!

Other apps do not support the import of waypoints.

See a little instruction:

We working on the function 'navigation with external app'. We take a look at the other notes.

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If you could offer in the "Route lab" under "Save as" a "Navigon-txt"-format, many iPhone users would have helped.
For Example:
NAVIGON: // route /?
(There is another program that can save this format)
I am sending this txt with an email to my iPhone, open the email there, click the text and Navigon will start automaticly with the route. Ready ! Very Simple.
To save the "text-file" from the Route-lab directly into the "MyRoute-App"-account would be great.


Thanks Guido!

+1 on the above.  I have TomTom on the iPhone, It's a great app but I want to plan my own route and get TomTom to follow it.  I've only just started with MyRoute and have never used Tyre.  I want to be able to plan my routes on my home computer, send them to a device/cloud then be able to change my route whilst on the road using an iOS device should the need arise.  At the moment I can't see how I can do this.  Do I need to buy the Navigon app?  The google and apple maps navigation is too basic for what I want.

I've previously used basecamp with my Garmin which is very clunky to use and a pain to edit routes whilst on the road without lugging a laptop around.  I much prefer your interface to basecamp but transferring routes to a Garmin is much slicker in basecamp.  Can't seem to find any 'How to's' either, am I missing something?


The connection with Sygic (iOS/android) and Navigon (iOS is ready!

Other apps do not support the import of waypoints.

See a little instruction:

Thanks Michel, downloaded the Sygic app and had a play around today.  My initial thoughts were that Sygic looked too simplistic when compared to TomTom but that simplicity makes it a much better M/C navigation App, much clearer to see information.  Had a few issues transferring routes from MyRoute, Sygic would decide to make it's own routes between waypoints but having watched the youtube video I allocated more waypoints and that solved the problem. 

 I still can't see how to edit my planned routes when viewed in iOS,  I like to plan multi day tours in advance but want to be able to edit my routes on the road with just an iOS device.  Is this possible?  If not, is it something you are planning to incorporate?

No, it is not possible to edit a route on an iPhone, with that little screen it is not nice to do is our opinion (on this moment).

But you can edit your route on a iPAD or other tablet.

Ah, yes I see now, I had the app on the iPad but using it via the website I can indeed edit my routes on my iPad.  Thanks

No thanks, feel free to give your feedback :)

I have a route in myroute web account. When I navigate through Sygic, this app (sygic) change the route. How can i navigate exactly my route?

Sorry, I need to improve my english

No problem.

It is important to use 47 routepoints.

Because Sygic calculate between the routepoints.

Use the TomTom, because Sygic use the TomTom map too.

Place the routepoints correct.

 I like what you have done with your app!  Thanks.  Would like to upgrade to Gold so that I can use with my Sygic App on my iphone.  Is this as simple as using with my Garmin?  IF so, I will gladly pay for the Gold.  Do I understand correct taht I can use the TomTom conversion for Sygic as well?  Better perhaps?  Can you confirm that I do need the Gold to download routes from your app to my Sygic.

Thank you again.

So you are saying use the TomTom export to load into my Sygic GPS on iphone?  If that works I will get a Gold upgrade.  Look forward to your reply.  Thank you.


Hi Paul, once Gold you, basically use the TomTom map in the RouteLab in your browser (not on the iPhone) instead of the Google map to design your route, make sure you have up to 47 way points or 23 for Navigon, Gold lets you "Expand" (thats under toolkit) your waypoints after creating the route to a maximum you define, then on your iPhone, go into Start, select a route under MyRoutes/History, hit the pointy/funny/arrow/location icon at the top toolbar to send the route to Sygic or Navigon, ( I have both installed), don't forget to start tracking your run ;-)

Hope that makes sense