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Device Could Not be Found or Written To (TomTom Go 510)

I have raised a support ticket for this but thought I'd post in here also to see if anyone has had the same and knows how to fix the issue.

I am unable to export a route to my device using the connector, I get the above error message. Screenshot is attached


(53.9 KB)

Yes, I have see, this TomTom do not support the import off routepoints, does not matter with software you use...


I replied to the email you sent me back saying that my Tom Tom does not support exporting routes requesting a refund of my Gold Subscription as it is of no use to me if I am unable to export routes to my device. It was not specified anywhere on your site that the route export would not work with my device. Can you please either respond to my Email or reply to this post and let me know how to obtain a refund


Refund is done.


I too have just bought a Tomtom 510 and have just had the same issue.

Which of the new TomToms do support exported routes?



On this moment only the TomTom Riders.

We need some information from TomTom to complete the export to Go series.

For now you can save the route as a gpx file and export with TomTom MyDrive.

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